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MACC awarded ORF-RE grant

The MACC has been awarded a major provincial grant through the Ontario Research Fund: Research Excellence (ORF-RE) program, to help support its cutting-edge research over the next five years. Led by Dr. Chris Swartz, and with all MACC faculty members and several member companies participating, the funded project is titled "Enhancing competitiveness of industrial process operations through responsive, flexible and cleaner production".

Building on the MACC's track record of success with solving industrially relevant problems, the initiative will involve pioneering research in agile industrial operation, optimization-based decision support methods, and design of integrated energy systems, with the goal of maintaining industrial competitiveness amid increasing variability in product demand, supply availability, and utility costs.

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Recent Activity
New Paper
Ikenna J. Okeke, Thomas A. Adams. Comprehensive environmental impact assessment of a combined petroleum coke and natural gas to Fischer-Tropsch diesel process [more]

New Theses
Nor Farida Harun. Fuel Composition Transients in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems for Polygeneration Applications [more]

New Paper
Lingyan Deng, Thomas A. Adams. Methanol Production from Coke Oven Gas and Blast Furnace Gas [more]

New Theses
Brandon Corbett. Time-invariant, Databased Modeling and Control of Batch Processes [more]

31st MACC Meeting and Workshop
The 31st annual MACC Meeting and... [more]

New Paper
Lingyan Deng, Thomas A. Adams. Techno-economic analysis of coke oven gas and blast furnace gas to methanol process with carbon dioxide capture and utilization [more]

New Theses
Yanan Cao. Dynamic Modeling and Optimization of Cryogenic Air Separations Units: Design and Operation Strategies [more]