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New textbook by Tom Adams on Aspen Plus

Dr. Thomas Adams has written a new textbook on effective modelling and simulation in Aspen Plus. Published by McGraw-Hill, Learn Aspen Plus in 24 Hours delivers on its promise, requires no prior familiarity with Aspen, and is informed by Tom's extensive experience with teaching legions of McMaster students to simulate processes accurately and efficiently. This book contains several visual guides with accompanying instructional videos, and its twelve 2-hour lessons detail how to make the most out of Aspen's various features to solve chemical engineering problems effectively.

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Recent Activity
New Paper
Yingkai Song, Kamil A. Khan. Optimization-based convex relaxations for nonconvex parametric systems of ordinary differential equations [more]

New Theses
Nor Farida Harun. Fuel Composition Transients in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems for Polygeneration Applications [more]

33rd MACC Meeting and Workshop
The 33rd annual MACC Meeting and... [more]

New Paper
Mina Naeini, Haoxiang Lai, Thomas A. Adams. A Mathematical Model for Prediction of Long-Term Degradation Effects in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells [more]

New Theses
Brandon Corbett. Time-invariant, Databased Modeling and Control of Batch Processes [more]

Best paper Award
The review paper titled Modeling and... [more]

New Paper
Thomas A. Adams. Optimal design and operation of a waste tire feedstock polygeneration system [more]

New Theses
Yanan Cao. Dynamic Modeling and Optimization of Cryogenic Air Separations Units: Design and Operation Strategies [more]