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MACC Workshop 2007
Annual Research Review Meeting Wednesday May 15, 2007 Hamilton

Research overviews of MACC faculty

Poster session : please see the student research summaries (Members Only) for copies of the posters.

Workshop on Plant-Wide Monitoring, Control and Optimization

The aim of this workshop is to highlight challenges, successes and technology gaps in plant-wide automation.

Technical Presentations (Day 1)

  • Model-Predictive Control with Excessive Constraint Switching [pdf (Members Only)] Alexei Nikandrov and Chris Swartz (McMaster)
  • Optimizing Scrap Steel Blending with Uncertainty Ivan Miletic (Dofasco)

Technical Presentations (Day 2)

  • Issues in Plant-wide Monitoring [pdf (Members Only)] (Shell Global Solutions & John MacGregor, McMaster)
  • Designing MPC across the Plant (Barry Cott & Yongsong Cai, Shell Global Solutions)
  • A Novel Approach for Block (De)Centralized MPC [pdf (Members Only)] (Alberto Olvera & Tom Marlin, McMaster)
  • Systematic Loop Pairing for Process Control [pdf (Members Only)] (Yongsong Cai and Tom Marlin, McMaster)
  • Fault Tolerant Control [pdf (Members Only)] (Prashant Mhaskar, McMaster)
  • Operations Optimization, Matching Methods to Problems [pdf (Members Only)] (Dale Mudt, Sunoco Canada & Tom Marlin, McMaster)

Technical Presentations (Day 3)

  • Advances in Large-Scale Optimization (Carl Laird, CMU & Texas A/M)
  • A Layered Approach to Operations Optimization [pdf (Members Only)] (Randy Wagler, Honeywell )
  • Optimizing the Plant Value Chain [pdf (Members Only)] (Jeff Kelly, Honeywell)
  • Real-Time Optimization - Past, Present, Future [pdf (Members Only)] (Vlad Mahalec, McMaster)
  • Dynamic Optimization of Plant Inventories for Normal and Abnormal Operations [pdf (Members Only)] (Chris Swartz, McMaster)