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MACC Meeting and Workshop 2014

MACC Meeting 2014

McMaster University Research Presentations

Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
Thomas A. Adams II - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
Vlad Mahalec - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
Prashant Mhaskar - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
Jaffer Ghouse - McMaster University, Hybrid Gasifier and Steam Methane Reformer Design
Ian Washington - McMaster University, Optimizing Large-Scale Dynamic Systems Under Uncertainty using Parallel Computing
Brandon Corbett - McMaster University, Model Predictive Quality Control of Batch Processes

Member Workshop Presentations

Kiran Sheth and colleagues - ExxonMobil, Economically Optimizing MPC: Industry Needs and Research Trends
Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Optimization Methods and Applications in Process Operations & Design
Prashant Mhaskar - McMaster University, Fault Detection and Fault Tolerant Control: From Framework Development to Industrial Problems
Yaoyu Li - University of Texas at Dallas / Johnson Control, Extremum Seeking Control for Efficient Operation of HVAC Systems
I.P. Miletić - ProSensus, Industrial Experiences with Batch Monitoring and Control

Invited Speaker Workshop Presentations

Ali Cinar - Illinois Institute of Technology, Agent-based Techniques for Process Supervision and Control
Lotfi Belkhir - Walter Booth School of Engineering Practice/McMaster, Anatomy of Innovation
Giles Laurier - Capstone Technology, Applying MPC in Non-Refinery Settings
Danielle Zyngier - Hatch, Optimization at Hatch Renewable Power

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