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MACC Meeting 2016

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McMaster University Research Presentations (Tue May 17)

8:40a Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Welcome and News
9:00a Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
9:30a Prashant Mhaskar - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
10:30a Thomas A. Adams II - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
11:00a Vladimir Mahalec - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
2:00p Pedro Alejandro Castillo Castillo- McMaster University, Global Optimization Algorithm for Nonlinear planning Models
2:20p Abhinav Garg - McMaster University, Graduate Research Presentation
2:40p Vida Medidanshahi - McMaster University, Optimization and Control of Semicontinuous Distillation

Workshop Presentations (Wed May 18)

8:30a Paul Stuart - École Polytechnique Montréal, Mitigating Risk Using Design and Systems Analysis in the Evaluation of Industry Transformation Strategies
9:30a Mériam Chebre - Total, Advanced Process Control and Optimization with Uncertainties Management in TOTAL
11:00a Xiang Li - Queens University, New Solution and Formulation Approaches for Process Design and Operation under Uncertainty
1:00p Jaffer Ghouse - McMaster University, Flexible Operability Analysis of an Integrated Gasifier and Steam Methane Reformer for Polygeneration
1:20p Philip Tominac - McMaster University, Strategic Production Planning in Competitive Environments
1:40p Smriti Shyamal - McMaster University, A Multi-rate Moving Horizon Estimation Framework for Electric Arc Furnace Operation
2:00p Carlos Felipe Alcala Perez - Johnson Controls, Voting-based Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Systems with Multiple Operating Conditions
3:30p Prashant Mhaskar - McMaster University, Utilizing MPC and Fault Tolerant Control to Address Continuous and Discrete Manifestations of Uncertainty

Workshop Presentations (Thu May 19)

8:30a Chris Ewaschuk - Corning, Closing the Loop on Logistical Processes and Change Management
9:30a Danielle Zyngier - Hatch, Uncertainty Management for Industrial Applications
11:00a Junici Mori and Vladimir Mahalec - McMaster University, Scheduling under Uncertainty in Production Times
1:00p Kamil Khan - Argonne National Laboratory, Smooth Global Optimization for Worst-Case Uncertainty Analysis
1:40p Thomas A. Adams II - McMaster University, Uncertainty in Energy Systems Design
2:20p Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Process Design and Operation Under Uncertainty Formulation and Applications