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MACC Meeting and Workshop 2018

MACC Meeting 2018

Meeting & Workshop Program 2018
Student Research Summaries and Posters 2018
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McMaster University Research Presentations (Tue May 15)

08:30a Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Introductory comments, Introductions and MACC News
09:00a Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
09:30a Prashant Mhaskar - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
10:30a Thomas A. Adams II - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
11:00a Kamil Khan - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
11:30a Vladimir Mahalec - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
12:30p Rapid Fire Presentations (Presented by McMaster Grad Students)
02:00p Poster Session (Presented by McMaster Grad Students)

Workshop Presentations (Wed May 16)

08:30a Costas Pantelides - Process Systems Enterprise and Imperial College London, Process Modeling - the next decade.
09:20a Shaffiq Jaffer - TOTAL, The Energy Challenge: Need For Global Systems Engineering.
10:40a Antonio Anselmo - ChemBioPower, DME: Canada's Fuel for the Future Today.
11:30a Richard Stadlmayr and Kurt Herzog - Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH, Digitalization in Metals Industry-a Plant Builder's Perspective.
01:20p Chris McCready - Sartorius, Recent advancements in the integration of mechanistic modeling with data driven approaches for enhanced monitoring, forecasting, optimization and real-time control of pharmaceutical processes.
02:10p James Scott - ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Challenges of State of the Art Vendor Software and Modern Visual Tools.
03:30p Panel Discussion.

Workshop Presentations (Thu May 17)

08:30a Fred Bourg - Rhema Consulting, Autonomous Control - Bridging Consumer and Industrial Applications.
09:10a Brandon Corbett - ProSensus, Industry 4.0: Cutting the buzz words and getting to value - A latent variable approach.
09:50a Danielle Zyngier - Hatch, A Framework for Supply Chain Optimization and Some Recent Experiences.
11:00a Christopher Ewaschuk - Corning Inc., Enhancing Fundamental Process Knowledge and Trouble Shooting via Latent Variable Methods.
11:40a Prashant Mhaskar - McMaster University, Model Predictive Control (MPC): Past and Future.
01:10p Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Real-Time Operations Optimization: Economic MPC (EMPC) and Dynamic Real-Time Optimization (DRTO).
01:40p Kamil Khan - McMaster University, Dynamic Optimization - Formulation, Solution, and Applications.
02:10p Vladimir Mahalec - McMaster University, Planning under Uncertainty.