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MACC Meeting and Workshop 2019

MACC Meeting 2019

Meeting & Workshop Program 2019
Student Research Summaries and Posters 2019
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McMaster University Research Presentations (Tue May 14)

8:30a Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Introductory comments, Introductions and MACC News
9:00a Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
9:30a Prashant Mhaskar - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
10:30a Thomas A. Adams II - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
11:00a Kamil Khan - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
11:30a Vladimir Mahalec - McMaster University, Annual Research Review
12:30p Rapid Fire Presentations (Presented by McMaster Grad Students)
2:00p Poster Session (Presented by McMaster Grad Students)

Workshop Presentations (Wed May 15)

8:30a Richard Braatz - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Challenges and Opportunities in Big Data.
9:30a Spencer Snowling - Hydromantis, Melding Mechanistic and Data-Driven Approaches for Wastewater Treatment Plant Modeling, Control and Optimization.
10:45a Yanan Cao - Praxair-Member of Linde Plc., Applications of Fundamental and Empirical Models in the Air Separation Industry.
11:30a Brandon Corbett - ProSensus, Optimization of Data-based Models: An Industrial Product Customization Example.
1:15p Jeffrey Kelly - Industrial Algorithms, Industrial Identification and Estimation of Optimizable Models using IMPL.
2:15p Hassan Teimoori - Deloitte, Application of Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Control Systems.
3:30p Panel Discussion, Mathematical Modeling for Process Systems Applications in an Era of Expanding Digitalization.

Workshop Presentations (Thu May 16)

8:30a Martin Guay, Tim Salsbury - Queen's University, Johnson Controls, Model-free Optimization: Theory and Practice.
9:30a Prashant Mhaskar - McMaster University, Data Driven Models for Process Monitoring and Control.
10:45a Smriti Shyamal - Xanadu, A Deep Learning Appraoch to Solving Differential Equations.
11:30a Thomas A. Adams II - McMaster University, Mathematical Models for Process Design and Operation.
1:15p Kamil Khan - McMaster University, Mathematical Modeling in Process Systems Optimization.
2:00p Chris Swartz - McMaster University, Modeling and Computational Strategies for Large-Scale Dynamic Optimization.
2:45p Discussion and Summary - Challenges and Research Opportunities