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Isolation and handling of sensor faults in nonlinear systems
Proc American Control Conf, 6667-6672 (2012)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
Robust model predictive control and fault-handling of batch processes
Aumi, S., Mhaskar, P.
AIChE Journal, 57 1796-1808 (2011)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
Discretize-then-relax approach for convex/concave relaxations of the solutions of parametric ODEs
Sahlodin, A., Chachuat, B.
Applied Numerical Mathematics, 61 803-820 (2011)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
Convex/concave relaxations of parametric ODEs using Taylor models
Sahlodin, A., Chachuat, B.
Computers and Chemical Engineering, 35 844-857 (2011)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
On constructing constrained control Lyapunov functions for linear systems
Mahmood, M., Mhaskar, P.
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 56 1136-1140 (2011)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
An integrated fault detection and isolation and safe-parking framework for networked process systems
Du, M., Gandhi, R., Mhaskar, P.
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 50 5667-5679 (2011)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
A safe-parking and safe-switching framework for fault-tolerant control of switched nonlinear systems
International Journal of Control, 84 9-23 (2011)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
Latent Variable Model Predictive Control for Trajectory Tracking in Batch Processes: Alternative Modeling Approaches
J Proc Contr, 21 (9) 1345-1358 (2011)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
“Modeling and Optimization of a Tablet Manufacturing Line
Liu, Z., Bruwer, M.J., MacGregor, J. F., Rathore, S., Reed, D.E., Champagne, M.J.
J. Pharmaceutical Innovation, 6 170-180 (2011)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
Operability considerations in process supply chain design for forest industry transformations
Paper 614e, AIChE Annual Meeting, Minneapolis. (2011)
Discontinuous modeling formulations for the optimal control of partial shutdowns
Proc. 18th IFAC World Congress, Milan (2011)
Design for dynamic performance: Application to an air separation unit
Cao, Y.Swartz, C. L. E., Baldea, M.
Proc. American Control Conference, San Francisco. (2011)
Data-based modeling and control of nylon-6,6 batch polymerization
Proceedings of the American Control Conference (2011)
Integrating data-based modeling and nonlinear control tools for batch process control
Proceedings of the American Control Conference (2011)
Robust processes through latent variable modeling and optimization
Yacoub, F., MacGregor, J. F.
AIChE Journal, 57 1278-1287 (2010)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
Teaching Operability in Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Design Education, Computers and Chemical Engineering
Computers and Chemical Engineering, 34 1421–1431 (2010)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
A Safe-Parking Framework for Fault-Tolerant Control of Transport-Reaction Processes
Mahmood, M., Mhaskar, P.
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 49 4285-4296 (2010)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
Latent Variable Model Predictive Control (LV-MPC) for trajectory tracking in batch processes
Golshan, M., MacGregor, J. F., Bruwer, M.J., Mhaskar, P.
Journal of Process Control, 20 538-550 (2010)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
Optimal scheduling of an industrial food manufacturing facilit
Paper 356e, AIChE Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City. (2010)
Uniting safe-parking and reconfiguration-based approaches for fault-tolerant control of switched nonlinear systems
Proceedings of the American Control Conference, 84 1375-1389 (2010)
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