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Mudassir Rashid Mudassir Rashid
Ph.D. recipient
Supervised by Dr. Prashant Mhaskar and Dr. Chris Swartz

Start date
September 2011


B.Eng., Chemical Engineering, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Optimization and Control of Batch Process Systems using Data-Driven Models

Research Title
Data-driven models in batch process optimization and control

MACC Publications

  • Rashid, M.Mhaskar, P.Swartz, C. L. E. Handling multi-rate and missing data in variable duration economic model predictive control of batch processes, AIChE J, (2017) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Rashid, M.Mhaskar, P.Swartz, C. L. E. Multi-rate modeling and economic model predictive control of the electric arc furnace, J Process Control,, 40 50-61 (2016) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Jie Yu, Rashid, M. A novel dynamic bayesian network based networked process monitoring approach for fault detection, propagation identification and root cause diagnosis, AIChE J,, 59 (7) 2348-2365 (2013) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Yu, Jie, Chen, K.Rashid, M. A Bayesian model averaging based multi-kernel Gaussian process regression framework for nonlinear state estimation and quality prediction of multiphase batch processes with transient dynamics and uncertainty, Chemical Engineering Science,, 93 (19) 96-109 (2013) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Chen, J., Yu, Jie, Mori, J.Rashid, M., Hu, G., Yu, H., Flores-Cerrillo, J., Megan, L. A non-Gaussian pattern matching based dynamic process monitoring approach and its application to cryogenic air separation process, Computers & Chemical Engineering,, 58 (11) 40-53 (2013) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Yu, Jie, Chen, K.Rashid, M. A Gaussian mixture copula model based localized Gaussian process regression approach for long-term wind speed prediction, Energy,, 61 (1) 673-686 (2013) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Rashid, M., Jie Yu A Novel Dissimilarity Method by Integrating Multivariate Mutual Information and Independent Component Analysis for Non-Gaussian Dynamic Process Monitoring, Chemometrics Intell. Lab. Syst.,, 115 44-58 (2012) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Rashid, M., Jie Yu Hidden Markov Model Based Adaptive Independent Component Analysis for Chemical Process Monitoring, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.,, 51 (15) 5506-5514 (2012)
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