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Chinedu Okoli Chinedu Okoli
Ph.D. Recipient
Supervised by Dr. Thomas A. Adams II

Start date
September 2012


M.Sc. Chemical Engineering (Advanced Process Design), University of Manchester, UK (2010 2011) B.Eng Chemical Engineering, University of Portharcourt, Nigeria (2002 2007)

Work Experience
Research Officer, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey UK (2012) Associate Consultant (Energy Business Unit), PricewaterhouseCoopers Nigeria (2009 2010) Chemistry & Mathematics tutor (National Youth Service), Excel Science College Nigeria (2008 2009) Well Construction Engineer (University Intern), Schlumberger Nigeria (2006)

Research Title
Design and economic assessment of biomass to butanol processes through a thermochemical route

Research Objectives
Biobutanol is a biofuel that has been gathering a lot of research interest in the renewable fuel community because it has the potential to replace bioethanol as a gasoline substitute due to advantages over bioethanol such as a higher energy content, lower affinity for water, and better compatibility with existing internal combustion engines and fuel pipeline networks. There are two major pathways to butanol production from biomass; these are through the biochemical route and the thermochemical route. This research is focused on the production of economical and environmentally sustainable butanol from biomass sources such as wood, and macroalgae through the thermochemical route. This objective is to be achieved by the application of novel process intensification technologies such as dividing wall columns for separation, and the use of heat and process integration techniques alongside other process systems engineering tools. Furthermore, economic and environmental metrics such as the minimum butanol selling price and the cost of CO2 equivalent emissions avoided are used to quantify the resulting design configurations and identify areas for future improvements.

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