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Junichi Mori Junichi Mori
Ph.D. Recipient
Supervised by Dr. Vlad Mahalec


M.Eng. Electrical Engineering and Bioscience Waseda University (2006)
B.Eng. Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering Waseda University (2004)

Work Experience
Nippon Steel Corporation, Technical Development Bureau, Futtsu Japan
Researcher April 2006-July 2012

MACC Publications

  • Mori, J.Mahalec, V. Planning and Scheduling of Steel Plates Production. Part II: Scheduling of Continuous Casting, Computers & Chemical Engineering, (2016) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Mori, J.Mahalec, V. Bayesian Inference in Hybrid Networks with Large Discrete and Continuous Domains, Expert Systems with Applications,, 49 1-19 (2016) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Mori, J.Mahalec, V. Planning and Scheduling of Steel Plates Production. Part I. Estimation of Production Times via Hybrid Bayesian Networks for Large Domain of Discrete Variables, Comp Chem Eng,, 79 113-134 (2015) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Mori, J., Yu, Jie A quality relevant non-Gaussian latent subspace projection method for chemical process monitoring and fault detection, AIChE Journal,, 60 (2) 485-499 (2014) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Mori, J.Mahalec, V., Yu J Identification of Probabilistic Graphical Network Model for Root-Cause Diagnosis in Industrial Processes, Comp Chem Eng,, 71 171-209 (2014) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Mori, J., Yu, Jie Quality relevant nonlinear batch process performance monitoring using a kernel based multiway non-Gaussian latent subspace projection approach, Journal of Process Control,, 24 (1) 57-71 (2014) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Chen, J., Yu, Jie, Mori, J.Rashid, M., Hu, G., Yu, H., Flores-Cerrillo, J., Megan, L. A non-Gaussian pattern matching based dynamic process monitoring approach and its application to cryogenic air separation process, Computers & Chemical Engineering,, 58 (11) 40-53 (2013) [ Publisher Version ]

Other Publications
Conference Proceedings

  • J. Mori, J. Yu, Dynamic Bayesian Network Based Networked Process Monitoring for Fault Propagation Identification and Root Cause Diagnosis of Complex Dynamic Processes. Proceeding of 10th IFAC Conference on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems, pp. 678-683. Mumbai, India
  • J. Mori, J. Yu, Maximized Mutual Information based Non-Gaussian Latent Subspace Projection. Proceeding of 52nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, pp. 4361-4366. Florence, Italy
Conference Presentations
  • J. Mori, J.Yu, A Quality Relevant Non-Gaussian Latent Subspace Projection Method for Chemical Process Monitoring and Fault Detection. The 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA, USA.

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