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Abhinav  Garg Abhinav Garg
Postdoctoral Fellow
Supervised by Dr. Prashant Mhaskar

Start date
September 2018


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, McMaster University, Canada (Aug 2018)
M.S. by Research, Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras, India (Dec 2013)
B.Tech., Electronics and Instrumentation, Uttar Pradesh Technical University, India (May 2011)

Optimization and Control of Batch Process Systems using Data-Driven Models

Research Title
Control and Optimization of Batch Processes Using Data-Driven Approaches

Research Objectives
The research objective is focused on modeling, control and optimization of chemical batch processes using data-driven approaches.

MACC Publications

  • Garg, A., Felipe P.C. Gomes, Mhaskar, P., Micheal R. Thompson Model predictive control of uni-axial rotational molding process, Computers & Chemical Engineering,, 121 306-316 (2019) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Felipe P.C. Gomes, Garg, A.Mhaskar, P., Michael R. Thompson Data-Driven Advanced in Manufacturing for Batch Polymer Processing Using Multivariate Nondestructive Monitoring, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research,, 23 (58) 9940-9951 (2019) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Mhaskar, P.Garg, A.Corbett, B. Modeling and Control of Batch Processes: Theory and Applications, Springer International Publishing, (2019) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Gomes, F. P. C., Garg, A.Mhaskar, P., Thompson, M. Quality Monitoring of Rotational Molded Parts Using a Non-destructive Technique, ANTEC, (2018)
  • Garg, A.Mhaskar, P. Utilizing Big Data for Batch Process Modeling and Control, Computers and Chemical Engineering, (2018) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Garg, A.Mhaskar, P. Subspace identification and predictive control of batch particulate processes, American Control Conference,, 505-510 (2017) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Garg, A.Corbett, B.Mhaskar, P., Hu, G., Flores-Cerrillo, J. Development of a high fidelity and subspace identification model of a hydrogen plant startup dynamics, American Control Conference,, 2857-2862 (2017) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Garg, A.Corbett, B.Mhaskar, P., Hu, G., Flores-Cerrillo, J. Subspace-based model identification of a hydrogen plant startup dynamics, Computers & Chemical Engineering,, 106 183-190 (2017) [ Publisher Version ]
  • Garg, A.Mhaskar, P. Subspace Identification-Based Modeling and Control of Batch Particulate Processes, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research,, 56 (26) 7491-7502 (2017) [ Publisher Version ]

Other Publications

  • Garg, A.,Tangirala, A.K. Interaction assessment in multivariable control systems through causality analysis. IFAC Proceedings Volumes, 47(1), 585-592 (2014).
  • Garg, A.,Tangirala, A.K. Metrics for Interaction Assessment in Multivariable Control Systems using Directional Analysis. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 57(3), 967-979 (2018).

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