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Hassan Nezammahalleh Hassan Nezammahalleh
Visiting PhD Student
Supervised by Dr. Thomas A. Adams II


M.Sc. Chemical Engineering (Nanobiotechnology), University of Tehran, Iran (2012)
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (Energy and the Environment), Sharif University of Technology, Iran (2010)

Work Experience
Senior Consultant, Pars Polymer Khavaran, Tehran, Iran (2013-2015)
Researcher, Young Researchers and Elite Club (2012-present)
Office Member, Publication Home of University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran (2011-2012)
Intern Researcher, SUNA Organisation, Tehran, Iran (2008)

Research Title
Visiting PhD Student

Research Objectives
Microalgae Engineering; Thermal Process Design and Optimization; Solar Thermal Power Plant; Biochemical Self-assembly; Bioprocess Design and Optimization

MACC Publications

Other Publications

  • H. Nezammahalleh, F. Farhadi, M. Tanhaemami, Conceptual design and techno-economic assessment of integrated solar combined cycle system with DSG technology. Solar Energy; 84 (2010): 1696-1705
  • H. Nezammahalleh, H. Rashedi, Theoretical investigation of various parameters involved in the penicillin G extraction process from fermentation broth. Quarterly Journal of Microbiology Knowledge (In Farsi), 3 (2011): 21-30.
  • H. Nezammahalleh, G. Amoabediny, Novel method for prediction of micro/nanostructures of diphenylalanine dipeptide based on semi-empirical thermodynamic study. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 347 (2013): 28-34.
  • H. Nezammahalleh, Exergy analysis of DSG parabolic trough collectors for the optimal integration with a combined cycle. International Journal of Exergy, 16 (2015) 72-96.
  • H. Nezammahalleh, G. Amoabediny, F. Kashanian, M. H. Foroughi Moghaddam, An investigation on the chemical stability and a novel strategy for long term stabilization of diphenylalanine nanostructures in aqueous solution, Results in Physics, 5 (2015) 11-19.
  • H. Nezammahalleh, Biodesulfurization of light crude oil using Bacillus subtilis Wb600, Journal of Biology and Today s World, 4 (2015) 67-73.
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