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Pranav Bhaswanth Madabhushi Pranav Bhaswanth Madabhushi
Ph.D. Candidate
Supervised by Dr. Thomas A. Adams II

Start date
January 2016


M.Sc., Advanced Chemical Engineering. The University of Manchester, U.K. (2011-2012).
B.Tech., Chemical Engineering. Osmania University, India (2006 - 2010).

Work Experience
Process Modelling and Simulation group, SimSci R&D, Invensys Systems Inc., Schneider Electric, Cognizant Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Sept. 2013- Dec. 2016). [Product: SimSci ROMeo]

Semicontinuous Chemical Separation Processes

Research Title
Semicontinuous Distillation: Advanced control and startup

Research Objectives
Semicontinuous distillation is currently a theoretical concept which is distinguishable from the batch and continuous distillation processes because batches of feed are cyclically processed through the continuous operation of a distillation column. Multicomponent separation was envisioned to be carried out semicontinuously using one distillation column and several tightly integrated external middle vessels where the intermediate boiling components are concentrated by means of column side streams recycle. Since the seminal work on semicontinuous distillation there were simulation-based research studies with the goal of overall process improvements. For example, control configuration and controller changes were proposed and demonstrated for better control and optimal operation. The two broad goals of this study are to develop advanced control strategies for optimal control of semicontinuous distillation process and conduct simulation studies for developing a startup procedure for moving into the realm of practical demonstration and commercialization of this process.

MACC Publications

Other Publications

  • Vedam, R., Kattapuram, J.J., Hemachandran, K.K., Boddupalli, S., Madabhushi, P.B. , Hillier, G., Lavate, M.A., Zhang, D. and Tanartkit, P., Invensys Systems, Inc., 2015. Process optimization by grouping mixed integer nonlinear programming constraints. U.S. Patent Application 14/977,785.
  • Tanartkit, P., Vedam, R., Hemachandran, K.K., Madabhushi, P.B. , Boddupalli, S., Lavate, M.A. and Zhang, D., Invensys Systems, Inc., 2015. Process optimization using mixed integer nonlinear programming. U.S. Patent Application 14/745,961.

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