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Dr. Kamil A. Khan
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering

McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton Ontario, Canada L8S 4L7

Office: ITB 108
Voice: (905) 525-9140 x 26821
Email: khank11@mcmaster.ca

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B.S.E. Chemical Engineering, Princeton University (2009)
M.S. Chemical Engineering Practice, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2012)
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2015)
Director's Postdoctoral Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory (2015-2016)

Research Interests

Dr. Khan's research interests are in developing numerical methods for efficient simulation, sensitivity analysis, optimization, and control of chemical process systems that are nonconvex, nonsmooth, or dynamic. Approaches followed include automatic differentiation and adjoint sensitivity analysis. He has made fundamental theoretical contributions to the sensitivity analysis of nonsmooth dynamic systems, and has developed some of the first numerical methods for computing this sensitivity information.

MACC Publications

    Other Publications

    • Khan KA, Barton PI. A vector forward mode of automatic differentiation for generalized derivative evaluation. Optimization Methods and Software, 30:6:1185-1212 (2015)
    • Khan KA, Barton PI. Generalized derivatives for solutions of parametric ordinary differential equations with non-differentiable right-hand sides. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 163:2:355-386 (2014)
    • Khan KA, Barton PI. Evaluating an element of the Clarke generalized Jacobian of a composite piecewise differentiable function. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (TOMS), 3923:1-23:28 (2013)
    • Khan KA, Barton PI. Evaluating an element of the Clarke generalized Jacobian of a piecewise differentiable function. Recent Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation, Springer: Berlin Heidelberg, p115-125 (2012)
    • Watson HAJ, Khan KA, Barton PI. Multistream heat exchanger modeling and design. AIChE Journal, 61:10:3390-3403 (2015)
    • Khan KA, Barton PI. Generalized derivatives for hybrid systems. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (2017)
    • Khan KA, Saxena VP, Barton PI. Sensitivity Analysis of Limit-Cycle Oscillating Hybrid Systems. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 33:4:1475-1504 (2011)
    • Höffner K, Khan KA, Barton PI. Generalized derivatives of dynamic systems with a linear program embedded. Automatica 63:198-208 (2016)
    • Khan KA, Barton PI. Generalized gradient elements for nonsmooth optimal control problems Decision and Control (CDC), 2014 IEEE 53rd Annual Conference on, p1887-1892 (2014)
    • Khan KA, Barton PI. Switching behavior of solutions of ordinary differential equations with abs-factorable right-hand sides. Systems & Control Letters 84:27-34 (2015)
    • Khan KA, Yunt M, Barton PI. Some new results on sensitivity analysis of hybrid systems. Journal of Nonlinear Systems and Applications 2:64-72 (2011)
    • Khan KA, Watson HAJ, Barton PI. Differentiable McCormick relaxations. Journal of Global Optimization, 1-43 (2016)
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