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Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes

We are developing new, more sustainable processes which convert biomass, coal, natural gas, shale oil, and/or nuclear energy into energy products such as electricity, gasoline, diesel, methanol, dimethyl ether, and hydrogen. Process innovations can reduce lifecycle CO2 emissions, improve the thermal and carbon efficiencies, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and increase the profitability. For example, we are investigating processes which use solid oxide fuel cells to generate electricity. Not only are SOFCs efficient electrochemical devices, but when properly integrated into an energy system, electricity can be produced from fossil fuels with zero CO2 emissions. However, many challenges must be overcome before they can be used flexibly and reliably enough to satisfy peaking power demands at the municipal scale. Other projects of interest include flexible and sustainable polygeneration processes which can change their products throughout the day based on market prices or demand, and chemical looping-based polygeneration processes which can co-produce liquid fuels and electricity with zero CO2 emissions.

Image from J Power Sources, 228 281-293 (2013)

Dr. Thomas A. Adams II
Associate Professor
Lingyan Deng
Ph.D. Candidate
Leila Hoseinzade
Ph.D. Candidate
Haoxiang Lai
Ph.D. Candidate
Nina Monteiro
Ph.D. Candidate
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