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Semicontinuous Chemical Separation Processes

Semicontinuous chemical separation processes are unsteady-state processes which fall somewhere between traditional batch and traditional continuous processing. Typically, multiple separation steps are combined into one process unit, operating cyclically, but without startup and shutdown stages. For example, a single distillation column tightly integrated with a "middle" vessel (a tank which both feeds to and receives a side-draw from the column) can separate a three component mixture semicontinuously, whereas two distillation columns would be required for traditional continuous processing. Pioneering efforts into semicontinuous separations have demonstrated the economic superiority of the technique at intermediate production rates compared to traditional batch and continuous methods. This is particularly useful for the production of biofuels, where high transportation costs of biomass tend to incentivize the use of a distributed network of small biofuel plants as opposed to a single huge plant. We are currently developing semicontinuous processes for biofuels such as biobutanol and bioDME (dimethyl ether) which can displace petroleum gasoline and diesel. This will not only increase the profitability of renewable fuels but also reduce the total lifecycle environmental impact as well.

Dr. Thomas A. Adams II
Associate Professor
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