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Optimal Planning and Scheduling

Scheduling of batch and semi-continuous processes is tied intimately with the efficiency of operations, utilization of storage, demand satisfaction, and operations uptime. Process scheduling is complicated by interdependencies of equipment networks, complex product recipes, storage limitations, product due dates (material deliveries) and limited utilities. Planning is typically executed over a longer time horizon, and provides production targets to the scheduling layer. The economic benefits of efficient scheduling and planning, and scale and complexity of optimizing and coordinating these tasks, has resulted in considerable and ongoing research activity in these areas. Our research in this field is driven primarily by industrial needs, and our studies typically involve close collaboration with industrial partners. Recent studies include optimal raw material purchasing and plant operation under uncertainty in steel manufacturing, and the development of optimal scheduling and planning formulations for an industrial food processing application. Current work considers extensions to these formulations, additional industrial applications, and the development of strategies for systematic integration of planning and scheduling.

Dr. Chris L. E. Swartz
Professor and Director, MACC
Pedro Castillo
Ph.D. Candidate
Mahir Jalanko
Ph.D. Candidate
Pulkit Mathur
Ph.D. Candidate
Kevin Meyer
MaSC recipient
Shailesh Patel
Ph.D. recipient
Alex Tikk
M.A.Sc. recipient
Philip Tominac
Ph.D. recipient
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