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Design of Flexible and Responsive Systems Under Uncertainty

Process plants are subject to changing conditions that include feedstock variation, drift in process parameters such as heat transfer coefficients, product demand, and utility prices. In order to remain operable under changing conditions, plants need to be able to operate at steady state over an expected uncertainty range, as well as be able to reject disturbances and transition rapidly and smoothly between operating points. The former characteristic is often denoted as flexibility, and the latter as resiliency or dynamic operability. MACC researchers have been at the forefront of developing computational formulations for tools for operability analysis, and its incorporation into optimal design calculations. This includes rigorous incorporation of input saturation effects and consideration of the presence of model predictive control in plant operability analysis, identification of design limitations to the responsiveness air separation plants to changes in product demand and electricity prices, and use of rigorous distillation models in flexible plant design. We have also extended the concepts and developed optimization-based formulations for flexibility and dynamic operability of supply chain systems.

Dr. Chris L. E. Swartz
Professor and Director, MACC
Dr. Thomas A. Adams II
Associate Professor
Yurong Diao
Ph.D. Candidate
The optimal design of a distillation system for the flexible polygeneration of dimethyl ether and methanol under uncertainty
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Optimization-Based Assessment of Design Limitations to Air Separation Agility in Demand Response Scenarios
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