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Dynamic Real-Time Optimization

Real-time optimization (RTO) involves the adjustment of plant operating conditions to track the economic optimum which may shift with time due to external disturbances as well as changing plant parameters. Process plants operate in an increasingly dynamic environment due to variation in demand, raw material quality, and utility prices, leading to exploration of the use of dynamic models in RTO. Our key contribution in this area has been the development of a novel dynamic RTO (DRTO) formulation that accounts for the effects of an underlying constrained model predictive control (MPC) system on the predicted plant response, and its extension for coordination of multiple MPC systems in a distributed MPC architecture. The strategy has recently been extended to include production scheduling decisions ‐ this results in production scheduling decisions in which the dynamics of transitions as well as the actions of the underlying control system are taken into account.

Dr. Chris L. E. Swartz
Professor and Director, MACC
Dr. Prashant Mhaskar
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Nonlinear and Fault-Tolerant Control
Lloyd Mackinnon
Ph.D. Candidate
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